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Along with the precious grain that has been passed down from generation to generation to become delectable PohSri Thai premium rice, the heritage and tradition of producing 100% organic, natural rice has also been preserved.


Awaiting the rain to flood the paddy fields, our rice farmers start to plough the paddy fields (most still using water buffalo) before planting the rice. We then vigilantly watch the rice grow and keep the rice plants safe from rodents, insects, diseases, snails, birds, and weeds by using all natural bio-insecticide, bio-pesticide, or bio-herbicide and also removing them by the most natural way possible — by hand.  Some organic bio-fertilizers are regularly added to keep the optimum nutritional balance so the plants can mature and flourish beautifully. These procedures can be difficult, time-consuming and very tiresome; therefore, in the modern days, most farmers use all kinds of chemicals as a quick and fast solution. Our sensible farmers still choose to keep traditional natural farming, and they indefatigably work to ensure that the heritage of Thai fragrant rice continues to prosper.


Shortly after the reproductive stage, Thai farmers perform an ancient ritual ‘crop blessing ceremony’, known as Tum-Kwan-Khao, to worship Mae PohSop or Mae PohSri, the goddesses of rice. Thais believe these guardians protect their crops from the time of planting through the harvesting season.  After the rice fields turn an amazing gold color, typically around the Thailand King’s birthday, our farmers start to harvest the crops and dry them directly under the sun. It is our long secret tradition to sprout our rice before the husking process to maximize the nutrients while developing the complex and unique texture, flavour, and characteristics of our rice.