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For many decades, the world’s rice cultivation focused on quantity and on the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and agrochemicals, hence compromising the quality of the crops and endangering the indigenous animal species that make rice-growing areas their home. We, on the other hand, are dedicating our efforts to improving farming conditions and investing in quality. We have been carefully experimenting and adopting agricultural methods with minimal environmental impact while also rediscovering the most traditional and valuable rice varieties of this precious paddy crop.


The traditional process of all-natural Thai fragrant rice farming. Our farmers hand-select only the best quality seeds from the previous harvesting year which are then stored in a controlled environment. We grow our rice in fields that have never been chemically contaminated and have no industrial factories within a certain radius governed by the organic certifying body. We harvest only once a year during the traditional harvesting season in the rain-fed paddy field to ensure the highest quality.


We use only natural biological, or microbial insecticides and bio-pesticides (these are selected to have very low or no toxicity to humans and non-target insects). We use only organic bio-fertilizer such as compost, manure, plant extracts or fermented plant extracts etc. We remove the weeds by hand and sometimes use organic herbicide for weed control. Environmental control of our paddy is maintained after harvesting without using drying agents and spraying insecticide.


The traditional germination process is used to add more nutrients to the rice and make the rice softer.  Our farmers lightly shell the rice and select according to the colour, purity and size of the grains only in small batches and in individual lots to maintain the nutrients present in the outer part of the grain. The broken grains and different colour grains will be separated to keep the purity of each batch.


Our rice is not fumigated, therefore immediately after husking, we seal the rice in vacuum packaging to keep it fresh and homogeneous. Absolutely no Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) or Phostoxin/Phosphine (ALP) residuals are in our rice.  We do not use drying agent chemicals or whitening agents.